Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Bella Flora" shoot

Bohem Unique Gems was thrilled & 
honored to have been a participant in this beautiful shoot recently. So many talent artists came together to create such special works of art. We have some pictures up on our Facebook site and will be adding many more...including an amazing video that we are eagerly awaiting to see! We wanted to share this with you!  Let The World Come To You! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Raining Style Icons This Month...

Jerry Hall

July just happens to hold birthdays for some of my all-time favorite style icons/ladies. Here are just a few  women who throughout the years inspired me by their unique spirit, individualism & style! Some of which are true bohemian chic personified! Happy Birthday beautiful ladies!

Debbie Harry


Angelica Huston

Deborah Harry is so special to me that she gets two spots! xo

Debbie Harry
Lynda Carter

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Formation of Jewelry

Jewelry in Ancient Greece

In the early days of Greece, thousands of years ago, the first forms of jewelry started with beads. They would carve simple beads into animal figures and so on. Until 15th century B.C., this was the main form of jewelry.

Around 15th Century B.C., Greeks started using gold and gemstones. Even though they were advanced in many aspects of arts and crafts, Greek designs at that age were mostly influenced by other cultures. It was first the Egypt culture that impacted Greek jewelry. With the Roman invasion, naturally, the Roman designs became the dominant.

Even though the designs were influenced by other cultures, the gold craftsmanship was second to none. In fact, gold was the single most used precious metal in Greek culture. It was used to represent wealth, social status, as well as offerings to the Gods. Gold was so important to the ancient Greeks, the gemstones were rarely used in their jewelry. There are many jewelry pieces recovered from ancient times that are pure gold. One other significant reason why gemstones were scarcely used was perhaps the fact that Greeks did not share the other cultures’ belief that the gemstones had magical powers. This is not unexpected from a culture with such great advancements in science. Statistically the theory is, the more a culture is advanced in science, the less they believe in magic/miracles. 

The ancient Greeks did not pay much attention to gemstones and they never believed in their magical powers. However, there were many instances where the physicians used different gemstones to heal patients.

As a conclusion, we can claim that, due to its geopolitical location of Greece, the Greek culture has been a bridge to bind many other cultures and sometimes was strongly influenced by them. Greek jewelry is no exception.                                                              
 Written By: Britt Harless    

Monday, May 16, 2011

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Cannes! Alas, the beautiful people are amassing as we speak!

We think Brad Pitt should buy Angelina Jolie Bohem's brown agate, moonstone & turquoise earrings to compliment her gorgeous dress! I think these earrings would add an extra touch of glam on their Cannes, France trip!! Très chic! 

Friday, May 6, 2011


In honor of Mother's Day, I am posting a picture of me & my mom! I also posted a picture of me wearing my mother's necklace that is in the above picture. She is my inspiration for my jewelry business. My mom had such style & class. She had such a different outlook and take on all things creative. She was worldly and thought "outside of the box" before that was even a term. I owe alot of credit to her for eveything she did for us and everything she INSPIRED in me! She was the most creative, talented, HUMBLE, innovative person I knew & know! She never realized how extremely talented she was..but I did & do still! I know she would be so excited about what I am doing and we would have so much fun together with it! I miss her very much, especially on holidays like this..but her spirit lives on and within me! I hope she would be proud, because I sure am of her! Happy Mother's Day to all you special moms that inspire the lives of your children for generations to come!
Britt Harless

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello World! I'm excited to begin this journey of  blogging to the masses of like minded and perhaps not so like minded people! This will be a fun adventure and I can't wait to get started! My interests are all over the board. I can't wait to share them with you and learn more about your interests! What a day to start blogging considering what's being announced on every news station! We are living in some unique times in our lives right now...all across the world! I hope to speak to many different people from all over the world and learn your views and thoughts! More to come soon! xo

Britt Harless