Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello World! I'm excited to begin this journey of  blogging to the masses of like minded and perhaps not so like minded people! This will be a fun adventure and I can't wait to get started! My interests are all over the board. I can't wait to share them with you and learn more about your interests! What a day to start blogging considering what's being announced on every news station! We are living in some unique times in our lives right now...all across the world! I hope to speak to many different people from all over the world and learn your views and thoughts! More to come soon! xo

Britt Harless


  1. Welcome to blogging Britt! Once you get started, it becomes addictive. I love the jewelry that you are bringing to us from the Old World! Thank you for connecting me to this beautiful style.

  2. Thank you Jen for such supportive words! I'm glad you like the jewelry! I am excited to start blogging! This is an all new adventure for me..I already know it's going to be therapeutic and fun! Hope to connect to lots of interesting people in the future!